You work with the two of you? How does this work?
Yes, we (Erwin&Suzanne) work together and enjoy it so so much! We do realize how unique this is; to be at weddings with the two of us means we can always be in two places at the same time which has made us (especially now that we are married ourselves) a strong team. We enjoy when new environments come together with people, culture and traveling. But especially the connection with our couples is so fun and valuable to experience! The first meeting will always be with the two of us. Further contact and all edit work will be done by Suzanne. Most photoshoots, other than for weddings (like loveshoots & portraits), are done by Suzanne herself.

Are we a good match for each other? 
We are available to anyone but not necessarily the best match for everyone. We create something together and love to connect with couples in a meaningful way. From our hearts; we want to document moments in the lives of those who will open up themselves to us and willing to connect with their love. 

You’ve got to be okay with catching all those messy moments, the happily unplanned, the ones you’re there for and the ones you miss. If you’re up to getting a little mud on your shoes, some sand in your toes, some wind in your hair, hike a mountain, and somewhere new, or make our own adventure, we will get along just fine! And oh yes! You’ll get the family shots and details. But we want to give you what you look back on again and again and remember how you felt at that time. It's teamwork. In order to give the couples the love and attention they deserve, we commit ourselves to a select number of weddings a year.

How do I Inquire?
Email us via this form and let’s learn more about each other.

What are your prices?
Our wedding collections start at 1950 euros for two photographers. Other lifestyle sessions start at 395 euros. Get in touch if you are interested in more details and availability. We'd love to provide you collection information.

What is your experience with traveling? 
To travel is to live! To combine this with weddings fits completely into our lifestyle. Especially because of our flexibility and teamwork as husband and wife. We have seen a lot of places for weddings in the last years. Including: Norway, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Italy, Iceland, England, India, Sweden, Austria and Lebanon. For the upcoming period France, Norway, Belgium and Turkey will be on schedule. A lot of experience comes from weddings across the borders, which enriches our work amazingly. 

What's on your bucket list? 
Photographing weddings in places like South Africa, New Zealand, Hawaii, Greece, Mexico, Moab (Utah, USA), Australia and Israel are definitely on top of our list. It's a dream to discover these beautiful countries and to get to know the culture and people in there. Secretly we dream of emigrating to another spot on this mysterious globe. Again, do not let your dreams just be dreams <3.

How long in advance can we get in touch with you for our wedding? 
Best is to contact us 8-12 months before your wedding date. If you read this with wedding plans in the upcoming two months, do not hesitate to send a message. Hopefully we still are available for your wedding day(s)!

What can I expect during my time with you? 
Our goal is to create images that expose your love and unique connection. We'll do a lot of walking, discover the surroundings and every now and then we're "away" to capture your ultimate experience. While we shoot we guide these moments and give you something to do. We especially enjoy seeing you and your connection. It will be a fun adventure!

Do we get some outfit suggestions when planning a love shoot?
Sure! To be honest, it doesn't matter if you go for casual or chique. But there are definitely some (unofficial) rules that are nice to know. We can send you the outfit information as you wish!

Tell me about your editing
We individually edit every image you receive. Most images will be in colour and some in black and white. If needed, we do take special care to fix any skin inconsistencies and remove any elements that may be distracting.

How long will it take to deliver our images? 
Weddings takes 6 weeks to edit and deliver. All other portrait sessions usually 2-3 weeks. 

Can we print your photos and deliver your albums?
We would definitely recommend using a professional service to get the right colour and quality; it looks better and is especially long lasting. Prints can be ordered via us or we can point you in the right direction. We also design and deliver exclusive albums. 

Another question? Please send us a message.